James Chen

Born in Asia, raised in Africa, and educated in Europe and the United States, James Chen is a venture philanthropist with a global outlook.

He is the Founder of Vision for a Nation which has transformed access to eye care in Rwanda, and Adlens which has pioneered adjustable eyewear technologies.

James is also the Founder of Clearly — a global campaign launched in 2016 to bring together some of the most creative and innovative minds in the world to solve the challenge of “helping the world to see”.

James is on a mission to find affordable and innovative solutions for improving universal access to vision correction. It is his firm belief that everyone in the world who has poor vision should be able to access help, affordably.

The Clearly campaign seeks to draw upon the success of the Vision for a Nation model as inspiration for sparking a broader movement to address poor vision globally.

James argues that most problems have solutions — the challenge is in connecting people in need with those solutions. In the digital era in which we all live, the world clearly has the ideas and technologies to crack this challenge and transform access to eye care throughout the world.

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James Chen Hong Kong

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2.5 billion people globally lack access to eye care
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