A New Approach to Eye Care

Vision for a Nation is pioneering a new approach to delivering local eye care and affordable glasses to entire populations.

Our first national programme is underway in Rwanda where we are supporting the Ministry of Health to build a sustainable, nationwide eye care service.

We are training general nurses to provide front-line eye care through the country’s network of local health centres. The 2,500 nurses already trained have provided over 1.9 million screenings since 2013.

By the end of 2017, the nationwide eye care service that we've helped to build will be a fully integrated component of Rwanda’s national healthcare system.

No other low-income nation has achieved this critical health goal.

Vision for a Nation Rwanda delivers:

  • Local access to eye care services and treatment across the entire country
  • Affordable glasses at every one of Rwanda’s 502 health centres
  • Outreach to 100% of the country's 15,000 villages
  • A referral system to professionally support people with more severe eye and vision problems
  • Integration with national policies and health service to permanently embed local eye care services
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