Success Through Innovation

Previous attempts to provide local eye care services in low-income countries have been largely unsuccessful. Innovative and cost-effective approaches are therefore needed to address the global challenge of poor vision.

Vision for a Nation has innovated in Rwanda to rapidly deliver local eye care services for the entire population – all 11.8 million people. And we are supporting other innovators in the eye care sector.

We provided funding to Peek Vision. Peek (Portable Eye Examination Kit) enables health workers to examine and diagnose eye diseases using a smartphone. It has the potential to transform the way eye care is delivered.

We are also working closely with Clearly – a global campaign to bring together some of the most creative and innovative minds in the world to solve the challenge of “helping the world to see”.

Rwandan lady wearing adjustable glasses
Innovative adjustable glasses allow the user to adjust the power of each lens at the turn of a dial
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Rwanda Innovations
Rwanda Innovations
Rwanda Innovations