Pioneering Change in Rwanda

In the first truly nationwide programme of its kind, we have worked with the Government of Rwanda to:

  • Establish local eye care services across Rwanda
  • Develop an eye health course for the rapid training and deployment of general nurses
  • Train general nurses for deployment at all of the nation's 502 health centres
  • Build a nationwide supply chain for eye medication and glasses from Asia to all of the health centres
  • Mobilise the public to access the new service at their local health centre
  • Extend the service to each of the nation's 15,000 local villages

Why Rwanda?

Vision for a Nation selected Rwanda for our first nationwide programme for a number of reasons:

  • Rwanda has leadership that has transformed the nation from a failed state in 1994 to an economic and social leader in Africa in one generation
  • Rwanda has a high-quality primary health infrastructure, providing local-level health care through a nationwide network of health centres
  • The country has a national system of health insurance that now covers 82% of the population, with up to 20% of the population receiving free health care
  • The Ministry of Health is strongly committed to integrating local eye care services into the national health system

Vision for a Nation beneficiary in reading glasses
Rwanda eye screening
Rwanda eye screening
Rwanda beneficiary in reading glasses
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