Integrated and Sustainable

Rwanda is the first low-income country in the world to provide all of its people with local access to affordable eye care.

Rwanda Owns, We Support

A Rwandan Ministry of Health programme that is being supported by Vision for a Nation.

National Policy

Fully integrated into the Ministry of Health’s Strategic Plan and Rwanda’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Universal Coverage

Covered by Rwanda’s national health insurance programme — Mutuelle de Sante — including the neediest 20% of the population.

Nationwide Availability

Services and products are available for all of Rwanda’s 10.5 million citizens at all 502 health centres.


Incorporated into the curriculum of Rwanda’s three nursing colleges across eight campuses which graduate 400+ nurses annually.

Supply Chain

Glasses and medication supplied to all district pharmacies and health centres through Rwanda's existing medical supply chain.

Data Collection and Monitoring

Nationwide data collection by Vision for a Nation and the Ministry of Health with performance indicators collected monthly at all 502 health centres.


RWF 1,000 ($1.50) pricing for glasses by the Ministry will result in revenue exceeding product costs, generating a 69% gross margin to cover ongoing training, mobilisation and supply chain costs.

Heavy Lifting Completed

By year end 2017, citizen awareness will have been maximised across the nation and the backlog of demand will have been largely met with over 2,000,000 Rwandans screened. All 502 health centres will continue to provide local eye care services.

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