Five Reasons to Support Us

1. A clear goal: Vision for a Nation is helping create a national eye care service for Rwanda. Our work is helping all Rwandans can access local eye screenings, treatment and affordable glasses. And we are taking our work to other emerging countries.

2. Unprecedented and sustainable: Vision for a Nation is integrating the service into the national healthcare system. On completion, we will exit Rwanda having helped establish a sustainable eye care service that will deliver lasting impact.

3. Major impact across health, education and productivity: Vision for a Nation is impacting the education, employability, economic productivity, health and quality of life of over 1 million Rwandans. At present, we estimate that Rwanda’s GDP is reduced by at least $60m every year as a result of visual impairment.

4. An innovative approach: Vision for a Nation has helped develop an innovative three-day training curriculum and is supplying low-cost reading glasses and innovative adjustable glasses, which increase the reach of the new eye care service while reducing its costs.

5. Exceptional value for money: Vision for a Nation Rwanda is highly cost effective. Donors include UBS Optimus Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development, who carefully assess the costs and benefits of programmes they support.

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Coffee sorter in reading glasses
A man in glasses provided by Vision for a Nation